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Communications Chair: Chrissy McKeon, AM’12
Chrissy McKeon graduated from UChicago's M.A. Program in the Humanites (MAPH) in 2012, after spending many hours hunched over her Complete Works of Shakespeare in Mansueto. After realizing she wasn't quite ready to leave the UofC, she stuck around the following year as a Program Mentor for MAPH, where she worked with incoming students and helped launch a nifty online magazine called Colloquium. Nowadays, Chrissy works for Harvard University's Teaching and Learning Technologies program as a Business Analyst, proving that that pesky Humanities degree really is as versatile as they say it is. After hours, you can find her on her local pool table, or volunteering for her local animal rescue. You can contact Chrissy at, or by connecting with her on LinkedIn!

Programming Chair: Amanda DeGiorgi, AB’09
Amanda DeGiorgi is busy buying buses for the MBTA and supporting other transit projects as part of the transportation office at CH2M Hill. Originally from the greater Boston area, Amanda left to pursue Physics at UChicago and later earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Princeton before returning home to enjoy family and familiar places. Amanda has embraced her role as Programming Chair with glee and welcomes all programming ideas, pointers, criticisms, and fan mail. If you're interested in volunteering with event planning, hosting, or have an idea for an event of your own, please don't hesitate to reach out at

Career Chair: Joanna Goldenberg, AB'05
Joanna Goldenberg graduated from the college in 2005 with a BA in Mathematics.  She put that degree to work at a management consulting firm right after graduation.  After that, she took the leap to move to Manhattan with no job and stars in her eyes.  Once landing on her feet, she worked for a few startups and then found her home in a project management role at a financial firm.  After spending six years in the big city, she knew it was time to come home and spend time playing with her nieces and nephew.  Right now, she is exploring project management opportunities in the healthcare industry.  Joanna also serves as the Career Chair for the Alumni Club of Boston.  You can reach Joanna at 

Young Alumni Chair: Emily Chen, AB’12
Emily graduated from the College in 2012 with an AB in Economics. Originally from the Bay Area, she returned to San Francisco for some much needed California sunshine after Chicago. She stayed west but then moved to Seattle for a few years to work for Amazon, working on supply chain initiatives to make sure your packages get to you in < 2 days. Now residing in Boston, she’s trying her hand at a “real winter” again and is completing her M.Eng. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at MIT. When she’s not buried in a book, you can find her on a bike training for races and long distance rides. The UChicago community has always been a crucial part of Emily’s ability to thrive in new cities, and she’s excited to continue her involvement in Boston. You can reach her at

At-large board members:

Danielle Glazer, AB’12
Danielle graduated from the College in 2012 with a degree in Classical Studies. She moved to the Boston area in 2012 and, immediately nostalgic for Hyde Park, has been volunteering with the Alumni Club of Boston ever since. Because she can't get enough of community building and event planning, Danielle now works in alumni relations at Tufts University. Danielle loves all things UChicago, but is especially partial to Harper Lectures and anything involving books. You can always reach her at

Carolina Herrera, AB’97
Carolina Herrera is a health economist and big data scientist. She was most recently the founding Director of Research for the Heath Care Cost Institute. She previous served on the Board of the San Francisco Alumni Club, and as an event coordinator for the Washington DC Alumni group. She lives in the Cambridge area with her husband, Luke Barron (College, AB 1999) and their son. Carolina can be reached at

David Ijaz, AB’97, MBA’03
David Ijaz graduated from the College in 1997 with a B.A. in Economics and from the Booth School of Business in 2003 with an M.B.A. with emphasis upon Finance.  David and his family have over 100 years of connection with the University of Chicago; this connection includes his wife who is also an alumna of the College.  Recently returning to the Boston area, he is seizing this chance to contribute directly to the growth and benefit of the Alumni Club of Boston.  An experienced Chief Technology Officer along with finance and strategy expertise, David’s personal interests are eclectic encompassing Fine Arts, Culinary Arts, Non-Western music, as well as, professional interests in IP Commercialization, Venture Development, and High-tech.  David may be reached at and at 617-902-0864.

Shaina Semiatin, AM’12
Shaina is a California native who currently works as a Talent Recruitment Lead in Boston's tech sector. She excels at local outreach and is looking forward to developing more partnerships between the Alumni Club and the greater Boston area. She is also an avid fan of surfing, live music, poetry, and sunshine, and is always eager to share a good conversation over a glass of wine. Shaina can be reached at

Carmen Varela, PhD’08
Carmen Varela received her PhD on Computational Neuroscience from the University of Chicago in 2008.  She then moved to MIT to continue her research and study how different parts of the brain interact with each other to underlie cognition, with a focus on understanding the brain mechanisms for the formation of long-term memories.  Aside from her interest on everything brain-related, Carmen enjoys a broad range of activities, including meeting diverse people, reading, drawing, and enjoying tapas in the too few Spanish restaurants in the Boston area. As a new member of the board, she looks forward to being back again within the fantastic U of Chicago community, and helping others make the most out of the alumni club resources. You can reach her at

Jessica Ehinger AB’06

Jessica Ehinger graduated from the College in 2006 with an 'AB in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. She's been living in Boston for three years, but was only recently drawn into the Alumni Club fold after judging the first Boston Scav and enjoying working with her fellow Club volunteers. Her day job is working in university administration at Boston University. In her free time, she serves as a career consultant for graduate students and terminal degree holders, so she's particularly fond of any events that include career development, refreshments, and discussions of how to expand the impact of academia beyond the classroom. Jessica can be reached at