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Call for New Board Members

Join the Boston board!

The Alumni Club of Boston is looking for volunteers! The board is in the process of restructuring and is on the lookout for new members. Board members are responsible for designing and implementing programming for the alumni community as well as setting strategy for the club in conjunction with the Alumni Association.

There are two types of board positions available:

  1. Executive Committee: Members of the executive committee serve as the core group of volunteers leading the club. They bear the ultimate responsibility for maintaining communications with the alumni community and for providing a diverse slate of programming aimed at engaging alumni, parents, and friends from all generations, life stages, and areas of affiliation within the University. Additionally, the executive committee members are responsible for leading a monthly call with all club volunteers and ensuring that all members-at-large are engaged and informed of club activities. This group of decision-makers is led by the club President, while the remaining executive committee members share responsibilities of more traditional communications and programming chairs. 3-6 positions available, including president – level of commitment: approximately 5-10 hours per week on average
  2. Board Members-at-large: Members-at-large serve in an advisory and support capacity while sharing club responsibilities with the executive committee. They are organized into both standing and ad hoc committees which are defined by both recurring club activities and one-time programs. For example, a member-at-large on a Healthcare Symposium Committee may help identify and invite panelists, assist with outreach to his or her personal network, or help with logistics and check-in at the event itself. Board Member-at-large positions are ideal for alumni who are interested in volunteering but are not able to devote a large amount of time to the club or for alumni who have interest in a particular area (e.g., healthcare) and wish only to work in that space. Members-at-large are required to regularly attend club events, participate in monthly volunteer calls, and to actively engage with other members of their committee. 7-10 positions available – level of commitment: approximately 5-10 hours per month on average


The goal of this board structure is to establish an open-communication, horizontal leadership model which provides clear guidelines for sharing responsibility and offers flexibility for alumni with various commitment levels to serve the community.

Anyone interested in volunteering for a board position, should fill out the nomination form (self-nominations are welcome). Current volunteers will review nominations and respond by late April. Prospective board members will be invited to an early May planning meeting. Nominations will be evaluated based on past volunteer and leadership experience, affinity for the University, and willingness to serve as an enthusiastic ambassador for the University to the Boston alumni community. Nominations will close on 30 April.

For questions about volunteering with theBoston board or the nomination process, please contact Interim President, Jess Ehinger, AB'06


Staff Liaison
Mike O'Malley, AM'14,